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How to surround yourself with more positive people

Today I want to talk about how to surround yourself with positivity – even when there aren’t enough positive people in your life.

First: why surround yourself with positivity?

You may have heard this expression before: you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with.

It’s true. The more time we spend with people, the more we start to mirror their mindset, their behaviors, their perspective on life, etc.

The bad news is that if you surround yourself with gloom-and-doom people who: see the glass as ‘half-empty’, are always complaining about life being unfair, and speak unkindly about others…that’s going to start rubbing off on you.

Just as importantly, you’re allowing your ears to be someone else’s trash can. Why let people dump their drama and negativity into your life? From my personal experience, being in the company of someone like that is mentally/emotionally/physically exhausting. You feel depleted by the time you step away from them! And yet so many of us stay connected to these ‘energy suckers’ because we just don’t have any other friends to turn to, so we settle.

But if you want to feel happier, if you want more energy, if you want to be inspired to live the life of your dreams…then you need to surround yourself with positive people!

There’s power in proximity. Have you ever noticed that when a grumpy person enters a room and starts complaining nonstop, the energy in the room suddenly goes down?

Well the same holds true for happiness. When you’re around an optimistic, upbeat, and positive person, their energy has the ability to lift your energy up. How cool is that? In other words, the closer you get to people like that, the more chance you have of rising up to meet their rich, fulfilling energy.

But what if you just don’t have positive people you can meet face-to-face?

No problemo! As it turns out, you can reap the same benefits in 4 easy ways. Check them out below:

1) Read books/blogs by positive people.
Many spiritual teachers/thought leaders have published books as well as blogs that they maintain. In fact, many of you may have first come to know my work through websites like or Websites like these are a treasure trove of uplifting, inspiring, and positive material that can truly change your life.

As a bookworm, I especially love reading books in the spiritual/personal-development genre. Some of my favorite authors include: Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, Joel Osteen, Doreen Virtue, Mike Dooley, and many many more! Schedule a day in the week where you spend an hour or more simply reading positive material and absorbing it deep in your soul. Saturday has always been my ‘sabbath’ – when I unplug from email and social media. Now I spend a few hours every Saturday taking in new teachings!

2) Watch teachings by positive people via video.
Thanks to websites like, it’s so easy to access free teachings these days. I would personally recommend the following youtube channels: Marie TV, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Gaia, Hay House, Omega Institute, Ted Talks, James Van PraaghAfterlife TV, and of course: Super Soul Sunday with Oprah.

The cool thing about youtube is that as you watch videos, it’ll automatically recommend similar videos, which can help you discover new teachers all the time! Listening to teachings is different from just reading them – you can feel the energy of the presenter and it really can be such a motivating and inspiring experience.

3) Listen to positive people via podcasts/CDs.
 There are so many podcasts these days! If you have an iTunes account, there are countless free podcasts that you can download to your library. The advantage to this option is that you don’t have to be stationary while you consume the positive content. You can listen to it while you go for a walk, run, bike ride, etc.

You can listen to CDs during your commute to and from work too – this is something I did when I bought a CD set from Joel Osteen. It came with 8 CDs and so instead of dreading my work day during my morning commute, I was filling myself up with inspiration, motivation, and positivity!

4) Surround yourself with quotes/pictures of positive people. Finally, transform your home into a sanctuary by surrounding yourself with those who inspire you. I love quotes. In fact, as I write this, this quote is hanging above my desk. It always encourages me when I read it. Many people like to put biblical scriptures or passages from other holy books around their house. You can also hang art with positive messages. Whatever format you choose, place it in a place where you’ll see it frequently (the fridge door, your desk, your nightstand, etc).

Another thing you can do is have  pictures of encouraging/inspiring people around your house. These can be of a higher power, of angels, of spiritual teachers, etc… but they can also be people you just admire like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr… or role models who are doing what you want to do. If you’re an aspiring actor, maybe you have a picture of (Oscar-winner!) Leonardo DiCaprio somewhere. If you’re an aspiring singer, maybe you have a picture of the singer you most admire. Aspiring artist? A picture of your master of choice. And don’t forget: sometimes the ones who most inspire us are those closest to our hearts – maybe your dad is your hero, so you have a picture of him on your nightstand. Maybe your grandma is the one who encourages you, so you have a picture of her. Whoever it is, keep them close!

So there you have it! 4 easy ways to surround yourself with positive people. Which one do you plan on using this week? 😉

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  1. Jhoei says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I always feel that everyone can be more happy when they are all positive. Being negative can be erased when you are around positive people. We should all learn how to be one and spread happiness and love in the world.

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