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I’m a proud bookworm.

And when you really love a book, you want to tell the world about it.

That’s especially the case when it comes to books in the personal development space.

Because these books in particular have the amazing power to completely change your life.

Below are just some of the titles that have changed my life, along with affiliate links that you can use to purchase your book of choice directly from Amazon.

Happy reading! ūüôā



I’ve read a lot of books about the law of attraction, but there’s just something about this particular title that really stands out.¬†It’s the perfect comprehensive overview for someone just beginning their reading on this topic, but for the seasoned veteran: don’t be fooled by this book’s simplicity! I almost stopped reading it¬†because of how basic¬†it makes the law of attraction out to be. I’m glad I didn’t stop reading, though. Within 48 hours of finishing the book and its exercises, I had manifested a $2,000 contract with a new client in addition to another client who wanted to book $5,000 worth of writing services. Needless to say, I’m convinced this book is magic. The exercises and strategies discussed in the book only add to its value.

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This book was actually suggested to me by one of the readers of this very blog!¬†At first, judging by the title, I didn’t think it was necessarily something that I needed to read. I consider myself an insanely organized person, after all. I’m the type who color coordinates her closet and plans out her day hour by hour. However, because it had been a New Year’s resolution of mine to organize my life in general, I thought I’d give the book a try. Boy, am I glad I did! The book turned out to be a hundred times more than what I thought it’d be. Don’t expect this title to just be a book about organizing. It’s so much deeper and more spiritual. You’ll¬†look at your home and belongings in a whole new way.

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How do you want to¬†feel? That’s the question at the center of Danielle LaPorte’s famous book, The Desire Map. There are a few things I believe every person should know about themselves. They should know their MBTI personality type. They should know their love language. And they should¬†definitely know what their ‘core desired feelings’ are. This way, you’re not¬†just chasing after goals like an achievement junkie…but you’re instead chasing after¬†feelings–which will lead to more happiness than you ever thought possible. I read this book years ago, but I still use its concepts daily¬†to ensure I’m on track with how I want to feel every day.

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This title markets¬†itself as¬†a 40-day guidebook that will help you make subtle shifts that will radically change your life and help you to be a happier person. And I can happily say it definitely does just that. I read this book a few months after losing my father to cancer, and it really brought me to a new level in my spiritual evolution, personal philosophy, and development. Of particular note: thanks to one of the meditative exercises featured in the book, I was able to finally let go of long-held resentment and do something I hadn’t been able to do in over 20 years: forgive someone who’d wounded me deeply in my childhood. The title for this book is spot-on: it very well may cause miracles.

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Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular titles of all time in the personal development space. And it’s with good reason! Just the first two chapters alone completely revolutionized my outlook on life and how I can ensure that¬†everything I’m working toward is in alignment with values that resonate deeply with me. And the ‘funeral exercise’ in particular will truly open your eyes to the way you’re showing up in the world so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re leaving the legacy you want to be leaving.

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From the synopsis: “By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, author and spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.” This book is beautiful and profound. It’s so philosophical, and I¬†vividly recall putting it aside regularly just to be able digest the deep truths that are on almost every page. This book will truly change you!

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One of the biggest questions people who read my blog have regards what their purpose in life is. It’s something we all want to know. We have the distinct feeling that we’re not just here by accident, but sometimes it can be hard to understand what we were created for.¬†SHAPE is one of the most comprehensive books I’ve ever read about discovering your life’s purpose. The author leads you through a series of exercises to help you get clear on your passions, talents, personality, experiences, and more…so that by the end of the book, you have a better understanding of what you were uniquely designed for.

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I plan to regularly add to this list, so make sure you check back from time to time!

And if you have any friends or family who enjoy reading personal development books, be sure to share this page with them!