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How to stay happy

In a previous post, I talked about how there’s no such thing as a happy life, only the ability to create moments that bring us happiness.

The more such moments we create in our lives, the greater the fulfillment and joy that we’ll feel.

But it’s not as if a ‘happy life’ is some one-stop destination that you can reach if you do all the right things. It’s not like once you park there, the rest of your life is going to be absolute ecstasy.

No, the basic recipe toward a happier life is simply to create more moments of happiness (whether that’s pursuing a hobby you love, spending more time with your significant other, delighting in your favorite foods, etc.)

Upon reaching this discovery, I then began to ask myself: how can I safeguard myself against inevitable ‘rainy days’? After all, it’s something we all want to know: how to stay happy.

You see, I’m not going to pretend like bad days won’t ever come. I’m not going to pretend like the ghosts of depression won’t ever rear their ugly heads again.

But I started to realize something recently. If I could keep myself at a higher state of bliss, wouldn’t it be that much harder for the blues to get me down?

I think so!

So I started to research how one might attain and stay at higher levels of emotional energy.

In laymen’s terms, emotions can be laid out on a scale from low-level-energy to high-level-energy. (Some people might cause this low-level-vibration or high-level-vibration, too).

Emotions like fear, shame, anger, and grief for example would be at the low end of this scale. When we feel these things, we tend to feel low, right? That’s because they bring low energy with them (or sluggish, downcast, hopeless energy).

Emotions like love, peace, and courage however are at the high end of the scale. When we feel these things, we tend to feel more uplifted, powerful, blissful, and invincible! That’s because they bring a higher energy with them.

Think about it.

When people are just starting to date, don’t you notice how giggly and glowing they are? They’re simply at a high-level-energy where love is flowing nonstop and freely, all is well in the world, and their significant other is God’s gift to mankind.

Now think about how you felt the last time you experienced a breakup. You probably didn’t want anything to do with anyone. In fact, you probably just wanted to lay in bed, listen to sad Taylor Swift songs, and shut the world out. That’s because you were stuck in low-level-energy that was keeping you down.

So the key is to keep yourself at higher energy levels! 

And the best part is that it’s totally simple to do. In fact, I curated a list of things you can do (download your copy here) the next time you feel low-level-energy trying to bring you down.

You might recognize some of the practices on here (meditation, dance, singing) and others you might not yet be familiar with. I encourage you to research those too (Google or YouTube them!) and learn more about them. You never know–you just might find your new favorite hobby!

The goal is to find a go-to strategy that works for you whenever you feel yourself sinking into low-level-emotions like depression, hopelessness, jealousy, or anger.

In just the short time that I’ve been using this method, I’ve found that it certainly works wonders and I look forward to continuing using it on the road ahead.

So give it a try, and together, let’s work toward bringing ourselves to higher levels of emotional energy!

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