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How to keep your goals

December 31st/January 1st is the time of year when everyone breaks out the blank sheets of paper and bottles of champagne to write their New Year’s Resolutions, goals, dreams, and visions for the next 12 months.

However, according to most popular articles, only 8% of people actually end up keeping their Resolutions. This begs the question: why is it so hard to keep your goals?

Surprisingly, it’s not hard at all. It just takes having certain strategies and mindsets in place that will equip you with the right tools meant for building nothing but success. After all:

Here are just 3 ways that can help you revolutionize your goal-setting so that you fast-track your way to success and feel the fulfillment you’ve been looking for.

1)   Get clear on what you want

Some of us craft bold, audacious, dreamy goals and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s surprising just how often those goals aren’t what we want at all. In fact, many times we may be pursuing something else entirely.

Here’s an example I use in my Dreamcatchers Master Class: for some time, I’d had the desire and goal to attend graduate school and earn my Master’s Degree. I felt like it was something I really wanted to do. However, had I known then what I know now, I would’ve asked myself a simple question: what do I want to feel?

I wanted to feel accomplished and I wanted to feel credible in whatever I pursued professionally. Empowered with that answer, I would’ve realized that accomplishment and credibility can come from a variety of things: certificate programs, training sessions, licensing organizations. Then, I would’ve broadened my options so that I could decide whether or not I wanted to make the investment of time and money into a formal education setting.

The same applies to any other goal as well. Losing weight. Do you really have to lose weight or do you simply want to feel more energized throughout the day? Because simply introducing power-packed brain foods could achieve that. Be more social. Is it really about attending parties left and right or do you just want to feel more connected with the people around you? Weekly meetup’s with family and friends could solve that.

Action Step: Take a look at your list of goals or resolutions for this year. Then beside each one, write down the feeling that you’re trying to achieve. What is it that you hope you’ll feel upon accomplishing that goal? Then, brainstorm other ways you could possibly obtain that feeling. Lastly, decide whether those other ways are more beneficial than the original goal. If so, go with those instead.

2)  Don’t bite off more than you can chew

One of the biggest mistakes goal-setters make is planning gargantuan goals that seem to have no start, middle, or finish.

When you don’t have a clear action plan yet have a goal that’s big enough to sink the Titanic, it can be overwhelming. When you have overwhelming goals, you start to put them off and procrastinate. When you put your goals off and procrastinate, time passes and when time passes, you find yourself on New Year’s Eve, looking back at yet another year gone by without your dreams taking flight.

Don’t look back at yet another year gone by without your dreams taking flight (do I sound like one of those DirectTV commercials yet?)

Instead, break your goal into mini action steps with each of those mini action steps being perfectly accomplishable in a single sitting. For instance, ‘run a marathon’ could be broken down into: choose a marathon, buy running shoes, speak to a trainer about best training practices, start running every day, speak to a nutritionist about best foods to eat for training, etc. One by one, you’ll check off these smaller goals from your to do list and it’ll give you the momentum and excitement you need to make it to the finish line.

There are a lot of little bricks that go into building the whole house.

Action Step: Take one goal that you have in mind for 2014 and begin to break it down into its smallest components. It’s almost like looking at it through a microscope. What are its smallest parts? Now schedule those parts onto your calendar and voila, you have an action plan in place.

3)  Ditch the time wasters

Recently, I blocked from my ‘websites allowed’ list. I found that I was spending way too much time clicking through their homepage slider to see all the newest articles. I’d often do this on the hour just to see what new stories had been posted.

Added up, that time amounted to a lot and it was time that could be better spent working at my goals.

I also DVR most of the TV shows that I like so that I can watch them later and fast-forward through the commercials. It may seem trivial, but gaining 15 minutes of my life per show turns out to be a big deal from week to week.

Further, I also developed something called ‘Reading Days’. Here’s how it works: I developed a folder in my email inbox called Reading Day. Then, once a day, I’ll clean out my inbox and get rid of the things I know I don’t want. If I come across an email I’d like to read, I’ll stick it in my Reading Day folder. Then, when Reading Day comes (Sundays and Wednesdays), that’s when I’ll read the email! This has turned out to be an amazing time saver. Reading emails can be so time-consuming and mentally draining. This way, there’s a designated time when I can wipe them all out at once!

So what are the time wasters in your life?

Action Step: Make a list of the things in your day-to-day routine that are taking up valuable time and energy that can be utilized in a different way. Are you a compulsive email checker? Is social media consuming your life? Are you a TV-holic? Once you’ve made your list, strategize on ways you can take back your life, whether it means setting web browsing timers, ditching cable TV, or deleting your Facebook page.

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