How do you plan on spending your heartbeats in 2016?

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How do you plan on spending your heartbeats in 2016?

Happy New Year!

There’s something invigorating about the start of a New Year, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s brimming with possibility.

Anything seems attainable.

If you’re like most people, perhaps you’ve spent some time yesterday or today thinking about resolutions or goals or experiences you want to have or ways you want to feel.

For this year, I wrote down goals, values/priorities, and ways I want to feel. 

My goals are to edit and publish a novella I wrote last year and to start working on my second full-length novel, to reach a new income milestone with my business, and fourth is to finally move out of Florida. 🙂

But then I wrote down a list of values and priorities. They are: stories, relationships, contribution, and travel.

These are the things I will prioritize in 2016 because these are the things that are most important to me in my life at present.

The great thing about getting clear on your values and priorities is that it helps you to better organize your time in a way that will ensure that your values are getting front-and-center attention. 

So for instance, since contribution is important to me (in this sense, I mean the impact and legacy I will leave on the world), I know that I need to designate more time to building my business so that I can change as many lives as possible.

It also serves the purpose of giving me the capital I need to travel more, which is another priority for 2016. I absolutely love traveling. It makes my spirit soar. I love to drink in the beauty and wonder of the world, and so I want to ensure I experience that more this year.

This ties in with the ways I want to feel, the third component in my reflections for 2016. Some of my desired feelings from last year are things like excitement/adventure/freedom (which I experience when I travel).

But I also came up with some new desired feelings for 2016.

Where it concerns my mind, I want to feel growth and I want to feel expansive.

Where it concerns the type of foods I eat, I want to feel clean.

Where it concerns the type of relationships I maintain with others, I want to feel radiance. If we are lit candles, then I want to feel in my interactions with others as if they’ve made my flame grow brighter (not as if they’ve extinguished it).

Because I know how I want to feel in 2016, this will allow me to only pursue experiences that will allow me to feel that way (and to avoid experiences that won’t).

Having values, however, adds another level of focus.

So for instance…if I want my mind to feel expansive, and I know that one of my values for this year is stories, then that tells me that I need to set aside designated time for reading and writing (Saturdays and Sundays will be used exclusively for this purpose).

Or, as aforementioned, if I know I want to feel excitement and adventure in 2016, and I know that travel is one of my values this year and that when I travel, I feel those things…that tells me to put a heavier emphasis on traveling.

If current pursuits don’t fall in line with what you want to feel or what your values are, then cancel them out! Why waste your time doing something that doesn’t light you up?

I recently read that during the average lifetime, your heart will beat over 2.5 billion times. That’s about 100,000 heartbeats a day.

How are you spending your heartbeats? You can’t get them back once you’ve spent them. You can’t go to a store and buy more heartbeats. We each came into this world with a specific number of heartbeats to our name, and once the final heartbeat has thumped within our chest, that’s it.

The next time you’re doing something that doesn’t make you feel the way you want to feel, ask “why am I wasting heartbeats on this?”

The good news is that the start of a New Year tends to give us a little more clarity on the things we want to spend our heartbeats on. I hope you choose to spend yours on only those things that fulfill you and bring you peace and joy.


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