7 easy ways to eliminate stress

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7 easy ways to eliminate stress

People often make the mistake of believing that stress is something we have to settle for and learn to live with, but that’s not true at all.

Stress doesn’t have to rule over you. No matter how stressed you get at times, you always have the power to take back control.

Here are some of the simple ways you can relieve stress and reclaim peace of mind:


1) Aromatherapy 

I can personally testify to how well aromatherapy works. All it requires is a diffuser (here’s the exact one I have) and essential oils, which you can buy online or at a health food store. If I need to relax and calm my mind, I pour a few drops of lavender into the diffuser (which would already be filled with water), and then I turn on the mist, and the entire room will be overtaken by the amazing, floral scent.  You can also use: frankincense, rose, chamomile, or vanilla, but lavender has always been my go-to. The diffuser is something you can have running anywhere–even at the office. But if you don’t have a diffuser, no problem! Because even just holding the bottle of oil under your nose and taking a few deep breaths works just as well. Your mind, body, and soul will feel relaxed almost instantly.

2) Bubble Baths

Did you know that bubble baths decrease joint pains and that they can also relax the tension in muscles that result from stress? I love taking bubble baths. I even go so far as to light candles and play soft music in the background. I use the Dr. Teal’s brand for my baths, which you should be able to find at most stores (in the U.S. at least). There’s a lavender version for soothing and sleep, and a eucalyptus version for relaxation and relief–just to name two. So why not schedule a bubble bath for this evening? Your body will thank you for it!

3) Exercise

I know it’s probably not what you want to hear–most people seem to dread the notion of exercising–but the fact of the matter is that exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and help you feel awesome. And no, you don’t have to go run a marathon just to reap the benefits. Start small! Why not take the dog for a short walk this afternoon? Or when you go to the store, park in a far spot so that you have to walk a longer distance. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or simply put on some music and dance around your house! You’ll be amazed by how good you feel afterward.

4) Breathwork 

Pausing to take a few deep breaths can really make a world of difference. I use a specific technique where you breathe in for 2 beats, exhale for 2. Breathe in for 2, exhale for 4. Breathe in for 2, exhale for 6… so on until my exhales are as long as 10 beats. When your exhales are longer than your inhales, it automatically forces your body to relax itself. Why? The vagus nerve sends a signal to your brain to turn up your parasympathetic nervous system, which allows your breathing to slow, your heart rate to drop, your blood pressure to lower, and your blood vessels to relax. Your body will enter a state of natural calm. Pretty cool, right?

5) Tapping 

I’m a highly sensitive person, so sometimes the sensory information from the world around me can be a lot to take in, and I might become overwhelmed–physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Once I’m over-exerted, I start to feel stressed out. One of the quickest ways I ground myself and relieve all that tension is through EFT Tapping, which is a combination of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. I also use this technique for pressure headaches and for anxiety as well, all to great results. Here’s a video that demonstrates how it’s done (starts at the 2:05 mark).

6) Do something you enjoy

Are you making time for your hobbies, for the things that bring you joy? It’s so important that you take the time out to nourish your spirit. When your mind’s at a better place, you’ll be better able to handle anything that comes your way. You should never get so busy that you don’t even have time to take care of yourself. You are so deserving of happiness. So today, I encourage you to schedule out some ‘me time’. Whether that means having lunch with a friend, journaling, arts & crafts, watching a movie, reading, snuggling a pet, or whatever it may be–do it! You’ll feel better because it’s something you love, but also because you’re showing yourself that you are worthy of nourishment.

7) Learn to say no

Sometimes, the stress in our lives is a result of our allowing it there. Take a look at your life. Have you taken on more than you can handle either at work or in your personal life? It’s okay to admit that you have a lot on your plate right now. Sometimes we avoid saying no because we don’t want to come across as mean, but saying no can very often be the best decision you ever made. If it’s not an exciting and thrilling “YES!”, then the fact of the matter is it should be a no. Is there someone always hanging around you who sucks out your energy? Learn to say no! Minimize the amount of time you spend with them. Is there a routine in your life that stresses you out (like watching the news maybe?) Learn to say no! Take control of what’s entering your mind/body/soul because your happiness depends on it!


Those are just 7 of many techniques out there that can help you reduce stress. Try some out and see what works for you. The key is to create a stress relief toolbox that you can always go to that is filled with healthy ways for you to relax and recharge. That way, you’re always feeling your best!

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