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5 questions to make this year your best one yet!

How is 2017 treating you so far? Wonderfully, I hope!

This is an exciting and very powerful time because the energy is so high across the board from person to person. At the turn of a new year, people are more motivated than ever. They’ve made resolutions and have goals that they’re committed to realizing.

I’m pretty dedicated to self-awareness. A naturally introspective individual, I’m always reflecting on things, especially when it comes to who I am as a person and who I want to be.

The past few weeks, I’ve been doing a great deal of reflection in preparation for 2017. It’s been an enlightening experience, because I’ve learned so much about what my values truly are and how I need to change both myself and my routine in order to reflect those values.

Because this process has worked so well for me, I want to share it with you over the next few weeks to help you start off the New Year powerfully and in total alignment with your truest self.

Today, we’ll start off by examining 5 powerful questions that’ll help you dig deep into what it is you want and what you need to do to get there.

Here we go!


Question 1: What does your dream life look like?

Have you ever taken the time to get crystal clear on exactly what it is you want from life?

Every morning, as part of my meditation routine, I visualize every aspect of my dream life, from publishing New York Times Bestselling novels to traveling the world far and wide.

Why? Because it reminds you of what you’re working toward, energizes your soul, and motivates you to keep moving forward like nothing else. For a few minutes today, do some free-writing about what a fulfilling life looks like to you. What are you able to achieve? How do you spend your time? Who are you surrounded by?


Question 2: What type of person do you need to become to achieve your dreams?

This is probably my favorite question of them all. I was surprised by the insights I gained when I was honest with myself about the areas where I needed improvement.

For instance, one thing I realized was that I needed to be a more confident person if I wanted my dreams to come true. Instead of playing small, I needed to step into my power and believe in the value I have to offer the world.

Another thing I realized was that I needed to be more resilient. Instead of giving up at the first signs of something not working, I needed to figure out why it wasn’t working and continue forward in a different way where possible. So in what ways do you need to improve this year in order to accomplish your goals?


Question 3: What/who do you need to let go of to reach a higher level in your life?

This can be a tough one because many of us don’t like the idea of letting go of things. However, the unfortunate truth is that often, people never get to the next stage in their life simply because they’re still holding on to people or things that no longer serve a divine purpose in their lives.

Take a hard look at the people you surround yourself with, along with the habits you currently maintain and the schedule you keep. Are these things energizing you? Are they helping you in some way? Remember, if something doesn’t add up – start subtracting!


Question 4: What kind of resources do you need to move forward with your dreams?

We may be aware of where we presently are and where we want to go, but we sometimes get a little lost when it comes to the tools and vehicles we need in order to cross the distance in between.

When I say resources, I’m not just referring to money either. A resource can be a mentor, an accountability partner, a book, some training material, etc.

To give you an example from my own reflection, one thing I realized I needed to start doing in 2017 was connect and network with other authors instead of being my own little isolated island. I found a ton of resources online in the form of blogs and Facebook groups, and it’s been so beneficial to me! Already, I’ve made several connections and have learned of new opportunities and methods in the publishing world (which will undoubtedly serve me in pursuing my dream as a bestselling author!)


Question 5: What next steps do you need to take to get started?

This final question is all about creating your game plan for 2017. But don’t overwhelm yourself! Sometimes we make our goals out to be these colossal tasks, which only paralyzes us because the goal now seems too big!

Instead, break your goal into tiny baby steps. What’s the absolute smallest thing you can do today to inch a little bit closer to your dream? Every chance you get, take one itsy bitsy step at a time, and celebrate when you reach a new milestone (when we pass finish lines like these, our brain releases dopamine; in addition to giving us a surge of pleasure, it also fills us with further motivation to accomplish our goals!)


My hope is that these 5 questions have allowed the wheels in your mind to begin turning.

When you have the chance, sit down quietly with these questions and spend time writing down your answers so that you can learn from your insights. Then, start planning out those goals and creating your action steps toward accomplish them.

You’ve got this! 😉

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